The Summer of Francesca Ch. 13

Maude wanted to borrow Anne for a day at her shop. Paul approved and she was to go. Anne looked forward to the event with a mixture of pleasure and fear, but she knew her feelings were of no interest to the others.

Friday evening she came promptly home from work, undressed and knelt on the living room rug. Martinique arrived soon after; she led Anne to the bedroom and picked out a woolen coat for her. Anne looked at her in hopes of dinner, but Martinique led her out the door.

The shop was closed and there was no answer to their knock. A few minutes later Susan and the professor who owned her arrived. Susan was clad in only a light cotton chemise and shivered in the cold. Anne knelt beside her on the sidewalk and put her arm around Susan for warmth.

Susan snuggled into her embrace. Anne would have given Susan her coat to wear but she had nothing on beneath, it was all Martinique let her wear tonight. Susan kissed her on the cheek; Anne remembered their romantic waltz on the stage inside, and the hidden fires she sensed in Susan before the music ended.

Maude and Cher returned from the back room and opened the door. They took the girls in hand and Martinique left along with the professor. Anne felt a pang of loneliness; but she must learn to be the property of her master of the moment.

Cher led the two girls to the theater where they removed their clothes and hung them on pegs. Susan arranged her chemise to touch Anne's coat and smiled at her; Anne was moved by this small affectionate gesture.

Cher set out their dinner bowls on the stage. They knelt, and when Maude signaled her permission they bent to eat. Anne loved the fruity flavor of this feed, so different from the plain stuff she got at home or Paul's. She was happy to be here and looked forward to tomorrow. After their meal Cher took them outside to squat.

On their return Maude attached her collar to a loop set in the floor. She lay immobile on her back, her hands behind her, and looked around. She saw that Susan was not bound at all, but free to move about.

And to her astonishment she watched Cher undress. The woman's body was covered with tattooed chains from her neck to her ankles; it must have taken days to ink her like that. Anne wondered if she had to be tied down for it.

Cher stood over her. Anne could see each individual hair at the top of her legs, already glistening with moisture. She told the two girls that Maude was going to suspend her inside the glass case in the front room. They should not worry if they heard her cry or scream or beg for help, she needed this treatment now and then.

Anne heard Maude put Cher in the case and close it, turn the lights out, and leave the shop.

As Anne's eyes adjusted to the dim light on stage she noticed Susan's breasts and buttocks were larger. It improved her appearance; she was thin and angular before.

Susan saw her looking and explained. The professor added a hormone to her feed; Arturo from the pharmacy supplied it to owners. Anne told her she was getting the same treatment herself, look at her breasts; Susan felt them, called her "cousin" and kissed her again.

She had no time to contemplate this; Susan lay on her and took her at once, licking the inside of her thighs and moving upwards until she reached the folds at the top, biting each while Anne moaned helplessly. She possessed Anne again and again. Susan's "hidden fires" were now an open flame. After coming she did not know how many times, Anne grew faint and slipped into unconsciousness.

Some time later, she woke to find Susan lying on her and cries coming from the front of the store. They were heart-rending but she could do nothing except listen. They went on and on, growing louder and fainter for the longest time; Susan with one hand between Anne's legs slept through it all.

She began to envy Cher. This experience, the terror like a refining fire that burned away all her intellectual pretensions and left her an animal for the use of her trainer, she had never known its like. Paul seemed disinclined to allow it to her again after the experience with Ashley; could she persuade him to change his mind?

No; that was wrong. She knew she was forbidden to harbor personal desires, he would decide and she would rejoice in the excellence of his judgement.

It was growing light when Susan woke; she began to do Anne once more and was well into it when Maude arrived with Cher still naked behind her, lumbering forward with her head down. Anne was exhausted and glassy-eyed from last night; Susan rolled off her and Maude held a nippled water bottle for her to suck on, which revived her a little.

Cher released her collar and she stood up. Traces of yellow ointment remained from last night on her legs and belly; Maude must have applied a thick coat. She wore a collar and bracelets like Anne, but also a belt of brushed steel with iron loops in front and back.

Cher was proud of her new appliance - it was just attached to her last month - and enjoyed showing it off. It had several uses. A chastity belt could be attached to the loops when she was allowed out. Or - she reached into a wooden chest against the wall - this curved band with two iron cylinders on the inner surface fitted beneath it and into her. Or she could be hung up from one of the loops like a pinata. Anne imagined herself suspended from the ceiling and surrounded by partygoers. They would probably want to hang her by the loop in back, that would be best. And blindfolded, so she would not know where the next blow would strike her or who wielded the bat.

Cher turned around and showed Anne the registration number tattooed on her rear. The number was a large one; Anne was surprised but pleased to see there were so many girls like herself.

Cher put on a blouse and skirt as the audience began to filter in, some holding paper cups of coffee; this was a casual event. Debbie was among them and nodded to her.

Maude and Cher brought out a leather-covered vaulting horse and positioned it with one end facing the audience. They draped Anne over the end and adjusted its height so that with her legs spread wide it supported her belly.

Maude ran a cool hand over Anne's skin and gave her approval; Anne tingled with anticipation. Her anxiety grew and she tried to remain calm. This was what her masters wanted, it was good, she would benefit from the experience.

Maude told Susan to introduce herself. She gave her name, address and measurements, said who she belonged to, was for sale, and named her asking price.

Maude introduced the bent-over Anne, only her legs and buttocks visible to the audience. She gave them Anne's name and address and said Anne welcomed visitors. Someone asked her measurements; Cher produced a tape and read them off. Someone else asked how long she had been in training; she didn't know. Since her first visit to Paul, but when was that? A woman called out the answer and Anne realized Iris was here today. She would be the eyes and ears of the syndicate.

Maude held up a narrow wooden paddle like a cricket bat. She took a couple of swings with it and handed it to Susan.

All of Anne's inner dignity and reserve vanished at the first sharp blow to her buttocks. She cried out despite herself as Susan hit her again and again, on one cheek or another, down at the point where her thighs joined and back up. By the end of a quarter hour her behind was a bright red and she was in hysterics.

Maude brought out a variety of paddles and Susan used them one by one. Narrow ones, wide ones; short ones for close work and long-handled ones that allowed more freedom of motion. One had holes for air to pass through (for speed) and conical points on the striking surface for "more effect". Anne went wild after the third stroke, and Susan used it the most.

By mid-morning, Anne's lack of sleep under Susan last night began to take its toll and her head drooped. Maude put a pair of ice cubes inside her and she came alive with a yelp. She could not contain the meltwater, and Cher set a dish beneath her to catch it.

At noon there was a pause. Cher pulled Anne's head up by her hair and stuck a bottle in her mouth while the others had lunch. Some came onstage to examine Anne. Debbie was among the first; she parted Anne's thighs and pinched the lips between until Anne moaned, distracted from her glowing rear.

Others were on the stage now; some contented themselves with looking, others felt the warmth of her loins, some probed between; she spread her legs as wide as she could for them. Later Maude complimented her on this. Someone touched the sensitive flesh around her rear opening with a fingernail, but gently, and she sighed. A long fingernail; yes, a woman's.

Anne was hot and frustrated from all this handling; it teased and aroused her but left her unfulfilled. Maude gestured to Cher, who went away and returned with a long fat candle. Cher spread her cheeks while Maude inserted it in her rear deeply enough that it could not be expelled. It distended her to an unimaginable degree but brought her peace. Even when someone wiggled it in her she did no more than sigh. Now and then she squeezed it gently, just for fun, as she had learned to do with a man.

Maude gave Susan a bottle of rubbing alcohol and she applied the cool liquid to Anne's burning rear. Anne felt her small hands gently brushing the bruised and tender skin. It stung a little in places where she was especially sensitive, but that was a good feeling too.

She rested the side of her head on the horse and silently thanked Maude and Cher. And Susan; this spanking was an act of love as much as last night. She hoped Maude approved of her; perhaps they would invite her back. It was really no different from her dates at Paul's or whoring at Mme. Byrne's.

Anne paused for a moment in her narrative to wonder if Francesca would like to spank her. She looked up but the woman's face was hard to read.

The afternoon was more of the same; at the end of the day when they let her down from the horse she knelt and kissed Susan's bare feet, and the floor in front of Maude and Cher.

Martinique and Debbie stood over her; she heard them talking but could not make out what they were saying. Iris approached them. Debbie asked her a question and she said "In about a month's time, I think."

Her wool coat chafed her rear on the way home and she was glad to remove it back at her apartment. Martinique poured her a bowl of feed. She had not been given anything to eat all day; she crawled eagerly up to it and waited for permission.

To her surprise they were the fruit-flavored pellets from Maude's that she loved. Dependent as she was on the mercy of others, the smallest act of charity seemed to her a miracle. She touched her forehead to the floor in gratitude.

Only one man visited her that evening; he bent her over the footstool and took her from behind. She lay on it for a minute after he left; it was so good to expose her still-stinging rear up in the air like this, but she knew she mustn't rest on furniture when she was not in use. Reluctantly she returned to the floor.

She crept over to her water bowl but it was empty. She remembered the larger one in the corner; yes, it was full, Martinique rinsed it out and replenished it while she ate her dinner. How thoughtful the woman was. She had removed the telephone from the apartment earlier, and the kitchen drawers and cupboards were empty too except for bowls and serving spoons. She was being reduced to essentials.

Sunday morning she lay on the living room rug bound and contented, free of her earlier self-pity and reflecting on yesterday's events. Would the professor keep Susan or give her up for the right price? Later Anne learned she was sold to a Scottish laird with a real stone castle who kept a girl chained in his dungeon until he tired of her. A deep and icy loch nearby served for both termination and disposal.

In the afternoon Martinique let Anne clean her apartment downstairs and gave her a bowl of vegetables. She inspected Anne's still-red rear and told her she would not be able to sit down for a few days.

On Monday Anne had to kneel beside the conference table at a staff meeting. She gave no explanation and nobody asked her why; but it was plain from their looks that everyone knew.


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